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Welcome to Memory Lane Radio

Memory Lane Radio is an online radio station also available on your smart speaker.  We’re  specifically crafted with the older listener in mind.  Whilst other broadcasters say they’re for the more mature music enthusiast, they often don’t deliver on that promise – but at Memory Lane Radio we guarantee to play the songs and artists you simply don’t hear anymore, from Sinatra to Sinitta…..

Memory Lane Radio

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Your Memories

With one of the countries largest nostalgic music collections we pride ourselves in bringing those memories flooding back as we take you on a journey down Memory Lane.

Whether you’re a fan of the dance bands of the 1930’s & 40’s, long for Louis Armstrong or crave The Carpenters, we’ve got it all and more. But, it’s not all about the music, we also have hilarious comedy material to lighten your day, programmes that specialise in hearing your memories, whether local history – family history or anecdotal stories from your past.

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Going Live in 2020

Launching in 2020 and streaming all the classic songs you love 24/7, Memory Lane Radio is your one-stop radio station.
Good times and even better music have finally arrived for listeners around the world. Let us take you on a musical tour of the last six decades, from The Beatles to Bros, you'll hear it all. And if there's a track of music you think we should be playing - get in touch or call us 0191 6031953

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Music Therapy

With music being a proven therapeutic tool in prompting memory, we also cater for people living with dementia, helping those affected to recall – to interact and to re-engage using specially selected music that calms listeners at key times of the day.

The expertise behind the sound comes from a small dedicated team including Paul Wappat who has more than 25 years experience of broadcasting for the BBC and Smooth Radio

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Take A Listen

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Meet Our Team

The expertise behind the sound comes from a small dedicated team headed up by:


 Paul Wappat

Well-known presenter  and producer, with 30 years’ experience in the radio industry, including both the BBC and Smooth Radio


Jude Downing

Senior Sales Executive with 25 years experience at both Chrysalis and Global Radio


Dan Entwisle
News & Features Editor, previously with The Capital Radio Group, GMG Radio and Border TV.

Station Format

Memory Lane Radio provides so many benefits to the listener. It is a predominantly music based output 24/7, tailored to prompt memory recall, calm symptoms of sundowning and challenging behaviour, as well as assist with activity programmes and promote social engagement.